December, 2011



Done with all my shopping
Tried hard to remember everything
Found my way through the mad rush
Not much joy in my heart to bring
For I fail in my humanity Lord
But in You is where I thrive
In this silent moment I stop to pray
To my God who is alive
May my shouts of Merry Christmas
And the joys of which I sing
Ring loud and true of the celebration
The birth of our Savior and our King

– niz

Our Song

We sing out to You in one accord
With words of glory and praise
We pray it comes as a sweet offering
With the many voices in unity we raise
Compared to angels that praise You constantly
We are humbled in what we bring
But this love to praise You with our song
Is what compels our hearts to sing.

– niz

Only You

My God who is so giving
Who listens to every prayer
My God who is so loving
The One who is always there
In a world filled with pitfalls
With promises that don’t come true
I thank You my God in whom I believe
For all my hope lies in only You

– niz

Only He Hears

I have this song in my heart
That I sing with all the love I have within
So much praise and adoration pours out
The moment I begin
A special song for my God
And the wonders of His grace
In thankfulness for my salvation
A chance to see His Face
I sing from the mountain top
Where He placed me above all my sin and fears
I sing this song within my heart
In a voice that only He hears.

– niz

One Collective Voice

As we join together to sing praises
To our Lord,creator of everything
Let our hearts be mindful
It is God to Who we sing
Each word of love and thanks
Be filled with awe, reverence and praise
Thankful for a God who loves us
Guides us in all our ways
Let us sing out in remembrance
Of the sacrifice of the Son
To a God who chose to save us
Before time had begun
Prepare your hearts to sing before God
Sing to Him, sing out, rejoice
To our Lord, creator of everything
Sing with one heart, one collective voice.

– niz