Continued Thoughts OF The Mason




 1   Prayer and the Mason


“Thanks for being an almighty God who listens to this unworthy sinner’s prayers.” The mason was finished praying and usually ended his alone time praying with that thank you. He usually would open up thanking God for the gift of prayer. He truly believed it was a gift, almighty God allowing each one of His children to approach the throne. “God listens,” he thought often. What an amazing privilege to be able to communicate with God. The mason often reflected on the many times he prayed before he truly believed, and how he would say everything he thought God would want to hear. He would structure his prayer toward the request he was making and would think, “That’s all I need to do.”

He knew now God was listening to his heart not his words, and his prayers were answered according to God’s will and plan for him. One particular day the mason thought to himself, “If God knows my heart why not say, “Lord you know all please grant me this request.” He became still and silent and prayed for some insight. Nothing at that moment came to him. Soon after on another day he was praying and while he was praying he understood because he remembered how he used to pray, how his prayer was structured, saying what he thought he should say. He thought, “There is no hiding from God so what I am praying comes from my heart and while I am praying God is allowing me to hear what He sees.”



Romans 12:12

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.


Through Prayer Revealed


When I hear myself speak

From deep down inside

With prayer I reveal all

From You nothing I can hide


You know my tomorrows

Where I go, where I have been

You know every thought

You see my every sin


O Lord this gift to come before You

Allows me to understand and see

What is truly in my heart

Through prayer revealed, on bended knee.



“When there is that connection in prayer, the realization of communication with God – Wow talk about gifts!” he thought.

He thought of the many conversations Jesus had before He revealed who He was. He was a great listener, not one who just proclaimed to be the savior without listening. God listens. Jesus gave us many examples to follow and listening is one of them. The mason reflected on how hard it is to remain silent when he has a suggestion or opinion to give, not allowing his wife, or children or friends to reveal more of what they need to say. That thought bringing to mind the fruit of the Spirit.

Mark 4:24

And he said to them, “Pay attention to what you hear; with the measure you use, it will be measured to you, and still more will be added to you.”


Galatians 5:22

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness


James 1:19

Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger


Jesus was quick to hear, slow to speak when necessary, and listened with patience and kindness. There should be a sense of excitement about prayer, that feeling of going before the throne and saying this is where I want to be, in communication with God……


Wonderful Quiet Place


At times of stress and worry

In my need for them to go away

Always prompted by His Spirit

To a quiet place to pray


Reminded how my Savior

Was constantly in prayer as a man

Seeking the Fathers will

Filled with desire to fulfill His plan


Then the peace that surpasses understanding

Fills me with such desire to run the race

Joy overflows in my heart

In this wonderful quiet place.





  2    The Same Road


“I love Acts,” he said as he closed God’s word. The mason often relived his experience when God changed his heart on the spot; amazed that the same wonderful miracle that happened to Saul happened to him. The mason had stepped into church solely to accompany his wife. Saul was on the road to Damascus.

The mason hated to admit that there was a time in their lives when he and Saul were both enemies of God. The same words, “Saul! Saul why do you persecute Me?” (Acts 9:4) could have been spoken to the mason. Both men were happy with their existence. God revealed their sin, to one on the road, the other standing in the back of a church. The amazing thing is neither one of them were looking for a relationship with God. It was God seeking each one of them. Saul heard the voice of God; God spoke to the mason’s heart. Standing in the back of the church, it was as if suddenly his ears were unclogged and he heard the gospel for the first time. Christ being born, living a perfect sinless life, dying on the cross to save sinners such as the mason and then being raised from the dead, ascended to prepare a place for those who believe. The mason thought, “I was dead before but now I’m alive.”

Now every time he goes to the book of Acts there is that sense of excitement, like it’s his story. “And it is, along with everyone who has been saved,” he thought.  Not one person can say, “This is something I have done.”  If you are drowning you can’t save yourself, if you are lost you can’t find yourself. God does the saving and finding.

Where I Hid


You called I answered

Filled with joy that I did

In sin I tried to escape

You found me where I hid


You sacrificed Your life

Eternally joyful You did

Or there would I be in darkness

Dead and lost where I hid.



“I didn’t even know I was hiding. I guess neither did Saul,” He thought.  Now when he has a chance to share his story his excitement comes with the realization of that miracle on the road to Damascus. It happened to him.


To This I Testify


Long was I a wretched soul

Never giving God any mind

Long did I look the other way

When He was so easy to find


Then to me a defining moment

I realized why Jesus died

For it was my sin, my horrible sin

God sent His Son to be crucified


I felt I was there at the cross

His blood was flowing for me

Undeserving, my heart broken I cried

“I’m sorry, I beg forgiveness, I give my life to Thee”


Then the peace that passes all understanding

And the relationship I so deeply craved

By His grace I became a child of God

At that very moment I was saved.





3   It’s A Beautiful Morning


“Thank you. Have a nice day,” the mason said as he left the store. He enjoyed the exchange as the man behind the counter replied with the same phrase, “Have a nice day.” He thought, “A nice way to leave a place or an encounter with a neighbor.” He got in his car and remembered the old days: The peace sign and a smile with really good intentions most of the time. It was given with peace and love intentions and at times to instigate those who did not believe in the peace movement. The younger generation in the 60’s had a really beautiful idea – Love, Love, Love. It was a great feeling to flash the peace sign, get one in return along with a big smile. It was a bond that spread worldwide. Love, love, love: Great idea, wrong ideals. There was no direction. The 60’s: Godless partying not for all but most, nothing constructive, just blank, mindless following of an ideal. Where was the Bible when the world needed one? The mason turned to the scripture in the bible he loved.


Galatians 5:22

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.



He focused on the fruit, how he had experienced them in his life before he knew God. He had been good most of the time as well as patient, kind, and gentle some of the time. He also experienced moments of self-control. “Yet the first two, love and joy,” he thought, “I never even used the word joy till I knew God. Love? Yes I have loved my parents, sister, wife, children, friends, but only really liked most others.” The mason was moved sitting in his car to pray in thankfulness to the way his thoughts were being led. “I can be any of these things but never all of them combined without love, true unconditional love.”


Bearing Fruit


Ever since You touched me

I have never been the same

Forever blessed and humbled

When I speak or pray in Your name


I pray to be ever changing, growing

From that moment never the same

The seed You planted blossoming

Ever bearing fruit in Your name








4   Too Much Rope


Whenever he would tell stories, which he loved to do, one of the mason’s favorites was the guy with the long rope. This one particular time as he was telling it a light went off and he told himself to pray about this story.

It was a beautiful October afternoon. And the scaffold was full of workers from a demolition company that the mason’s bosses had hired. They were chopping pockets in the existing building to connect to the steel for the addition they were building. One of the mason’s responsibilities was safety and as he was walking along the third story of the scaffold he came across the guy with the long rope. This particular laborer was in a safety harness attached with safety rope which was attached to the scaffold. The mason looked down at the coil of rope and could see at least fifty feet of rope; he immediately called out for the laborer to stop. He estimated that if this guy with the long rope fell the thirty feet he would hit the ground and still have about twenty feet of safety rope left. It was like taking out a life insurance policy with himself as the beneficiary.

The rope would not save him, like before we know God we profess to believe in Him. We acknowledge His existence and may even pray to Him; we believe we have enough rope to save us. The mason paused and prayed for awareness of those around him who were walking around with way too much rope, not realizing the height of their sin, the dangerous fall that awaits.



Ephesians 2:8

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God,


Need To Reach Out


By Your grace and power

In faith we are made new

I praise You in thankfulness

For the day I was called to You


Nothing that I earned

Only through the sacrifice of Your Son

You called my name I answered

My new life had begun


Still my heart aches for those I love

Who lack the faith to understand

In the midst of the storm You walk on the water

They need to cry out, reach for Your hand








5    Hero


The movie ended and the mason’s reaction was always the same. Every time in the perhaps twenty times he watched Field of Dreams, he would think, “I love baseball. I’m so glad I always had catches with my son.”

Then he would flash back to watching Mickey Mantle play when he was really young. The Mick was his hero, to the point that he would get depressed when the Mick made out. Even before there was baseball, there were movies and comic books filled with different heroes: Superman, Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger, heroes, who never lost to the bad guys. They met every situation head on and never lost.

Then childhood leaves and reality is the unreality of comics and movies. Even in baseball a major league hitter is totally satisfied with thirty percent success. The mason remembered at a much older age looking at his childhood hero and seeing how fallible he was. There was a moment of sadness that tugged on his heart, almost like being five and seeing Superman fall to the ground. There was a line in another movie, this man is telling this young boy, “What did the Mick ever do for you?” which stood out in the mason’s mind for some reason.   Maybe the point was heroes, imaginary or true life heroes don’t really make a difference unless they are saving you.

Now finishing these thoughts a much clearer picture of who he looks up to now: The One who faced the most crucial situation head on and did not lose. He faced death and rose above it, and if someone were to ask the mason, “What did Jesus ever do for you?” the mason could now smile and say, “He saved me from eternal damnation.”




Hero Defined


My childhood heroes

Long since faded away

Reality has stepped in

I thankfully pray


Youthful heart once clutched

To the hero on the screen

Now filled with awe

Gazing upon Calvary’s scene


What greater hero

Could there ever be

Than the One Who laid down

His life for me.


1 John 3:16

By this we know love, that he laid down His life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for the brothers.


John 15:13

Greater love has no one than this, that someone laid down his life for his friends.







6    Good Thing


As he finished telling the story, saying, “Good thing the horse couldn’t punch back,” a thought pierced his heart. It was one of those times he reflected on a lesson God was teaching and he wasn’t paying attention. The mason was living on the other side of the country far from where he had grown up. Being a city kid and now having just bought a horse it was like living a dream. He had grown up pretending to be a cowboy and had a beautiful imaginary horse named Thunder. Now leaving the farm on his new horse, he waved goodbye to the farmer and started his two mile ride home. It was a slow, quiet pace for about twenty yards and suddenly Smokey, his new horse, stopped dead. The mason gave him a gentle nudging kick and said, “Let’s go.” Ten more yards – the same event, dead stop. The mason said, “Let’s go,” louder and with a firmer kick and Smokey bucked not once or twice but three times; the last one the mason was practically looking behind him upside down. Heart racing, all the cowboy movies he watched as a kid kicked in. The mason was off the horse in front of him reins tight and punched Smokey square in the face. It was always a funny story to tell but now he was remorseful about it. He knew it wasn’t the horse’s fault yet he reacted in anger and as he was telling the story he realized how many times that story played out in different situations, fights as a young man, temper flare ups even as he got older.

Now after God has changed his heart there are still moments when the old self still wants to react, but there is that moment of clarity where he questions his reaction. Is it of God or self, realizing no good can come from serving self. Our new heart puts others before ourselves



Luke 6:27-29

But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you. To one who strikes you on the cheek, offer the other also, and from one who takes away your cloak do not withhold your tunic either.


The only time self should enter the picture is when he bares himself  to the Lord . . .


Baring All


I come to You Father

On my knees face to the ground

Just You and my lowly self

No one else is around


So many things I need to say

My praise, my love, my sin

I am so unworthy Lord

Where do I begin


Yet You are so loving Lord

Lifting me gently when I fall

Here I am Lord on my knees

Open heart, baring all.








7    Direction


“Step, throw, follow through” was running through the mason’s grandson’s mind. He was only nine and tried as much as he could to stay focused on that thought. “This kid is small; this kid is big; he is too close to the plate; the last pitch was a strike not a ball,” and many other thoughts.  The mason was pretty sure of what was going through his grandson’s mind having had those very same thoughts pitching when he was younger. Now though as he was watching he saw signs that his grandson had paid attention to instruction: step, throw, and follow through. He was throwing a lot of strikes, wasn’t wild and seemed more composed than any other game before this. Composed that is for a nine year old. The mason wasn’t delusional.

The mason thought back to a previous conversation they had. His grandson had asked about praying before a game when he was nervous and he answered that it was okay to pray about baseball, but didn’t leave it there. He told his grandson that God cared about his heart not the score. That he could pray that he would play well, pray in thanks that he was able to play and to be able to be a good loser as well as a good winner. Again the mason thought back to when he was a child and even when he played as an adult, he never had that instruction or advice. Left on his own he made many mistakes but now he knew the mistakes God allowed him to make were in order for him to grow. His instruction now came through loud and clear through God’s word.

He thought back to a conversation he had with a college age young man. They were talking about direction. The young man had asked for prayer for direction. Before they prayed, the mason said “God provides everything a lost person would long to have: A compass, a map, someone to ask the way. When we need that direction we have the map, God’s word. We have that person to ask, God’s Spirit.” He smiled with that memory, paused and prayed for that young man, his grandson, and himself praising God for providing The Way.


Proverbs 3:6

In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.


No Longer Lost


As a ship in the night I wandered

No light to guide my way

Lost in a sea of darkness

Waiting in fear for the break of day


Then that light from Him shone upon me

He called and drew me near

Saved by grace through His sacrifice

No longer lost or in fear.



8  Here Comes The Sun


Liking the beach the way he does, the mason was a bit upset with the overcast sky. Now laying there he felt a bit more warmth as the clouds began to break. Then that one annoying cloud slowly moved blocking the sun less and less; suddenly he was covered in sunlight. He was instantly changed from a grumpy person lying on a blanket to an extremely happy beach goer. The songs coming through on his earphones sounded better. Life was good.

The mason did not know God this particular day but years later, sitting at the table reading God’s word:


Mark 15:33-35

And when the sixth hour had come, there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour. And at the ninth hour, Jesus cried with a loud voice, “Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?” which means, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”


His thought was, “Jesus was not focusing on the pain of the cross but on the grief of knowing the Father could not look upon Him.” The thought now of the sunlight on his body made him reflect upon how dark his world was before the light of God lit his soul.

The happy day on the beach is an image of a saved life. The light of the sun, the coolness of the water, to be out of darkness, reveling in the light, drenched in living water. The mason smiled knowing the way his heart was thinking, all is of God to the glory of God. This wonderful day provided by God. When our thoughts are of Him bright as the sun, it’s as if God is looking upon us because of the sacrifice of the Son. “Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?” Mark 15:34 “Praise God I will never have to say that, because of Jesus.” The mason closed his eyes and enjoyed the warmth of the Son


Sunrise Before Me

Making footsteps in the sand

Reflecting on where I had been

Once so lost and troubled

Mired deep in my sin

Now as I walk on the beach

Toward the rising sun

My thoughts turn to that moment

This new life had begun

The beauty and the splendor

In this sunrise here before me

Pale to the joy in my soul

For by His sacrifice I am free.




 9   Retrospect


Psalm 127:1

Unless the Lord builds the house; they labor in vain who build it


The mason read that scripture and the picture in his mind was clear as day. The incident was right out from scripture. It was during the time in his life when he thought he was saved. The church he was attending was growing rapidly. There was this push for a bigger space and everyone was on board.  The mason was the only one with masonry experience and those in charge thought the church would attempt a second floor using the church members to build it. Some people knew carpentry, some electrical work and a few handy men were also in the mix. From what the mason remembered now there was more emphasis on doing it together and raising funds than emphasis on prayer. Even the mason prayed very little. He just knew he was doing what he should do and felt he was very capable. He was saved in his mind not in his heart.  It was something he chose to do; not God’s calling.

He recalled many days mixing and laying block by himself and days where he had some help. Having the work ethic he inherited from his grandfather, he just kept laying block. During this process the church experienced an exodus of a few families. Turmoil arose among the congregation. The building was finished though growth in the church was at a standstill. The mason was oblivious to all this for he wasn’t in the word as much as he had been when he chose to be saved.

Now many years later the mason understood that doing things on one’s own without reaching out to God is disastrous. He read countless stories in the bible, stories of kings who allied with other kings or other idols rather than consult God and the results were the same, disastrous.

The mason thought of how proud he had been of the accomplishment, how he took all the accolades missing many opportunities to give glory to God, perhaps even pointing someone to Christ in modesty. The results were disastrous.  Not too long after this project the mason left the church and was back to his old self.  His labor for his own spiritual life had been in vain. He knew now every block put on the building God had allowed him to do. Every block was a lesson for him now. Now his decisions, his choices, his service, every block he lays is done prayerfully first consulting God and then doing it all to the Glory to God. Never for his labor to be in vain the mason asks to be used by God in all his building . . .


Nothing I Accomplish


Many times have I done things

Without calling to You first

You who feed me when I am hungry

Quench me when I thirst


When I am at a turning point

It is You Lord who sees me through

I now pray for Your Spirit’s guidance

In all I say and do


With all praise and glory I give thanks

When my day’s works are through

For nothing I accomplish

Can be done without You




C.H. Spurgeon “Without God we are nothing. Great houses have been erected by ambitious men; but like the baseless fabric of a vision they have passed away, and scarce a stone remains to tell where once they stood. Moses was faithful as a servant over all his house; and as long as the Lord was with that house it stood and prospered; but when he left it, the builders of it became foolish and their labor was lost. They sought to maintain the walls of Judaism, but sought in vain: they watched around every ceremony and tradition, but their care was idle. Of every church, and every system of religious thought, this is equally true: unless the Lord is in it, and is honored by it, the whole structure must sooner or later fall in hopeless ruin. Much can be done by man; he can both labor and watch; but without the Lord he has accomplished nothing, and his wakefulness has not warded off evil.”



 10    The Light


The mason noticed the beam of sunlight coming through the steel girders above him. It was a cold day on the job, noisy due to the cranes lifting those steel beams. He always looked for the quietest spot at lunchtime, someplace out of the wind. He reached his hand toward the beam of sunlight and let it shine on his palm. The warmth was comforting because he thought of God, how sunlight is provided by God to warm the earth, to help plants and trees grow, to light up the world.


Gen 1:3

Then God said, “Let there be light” and there was light


Then came a thought of a special ray of light. It was a typical busy Saturday in the shop where the mason was working. It wasn’t construction because the time was really bad in the whole construction industry. This job consisted of repairing or replacing auto locks and installing auto alarms. He had learned to do this with on the job training and determination to provide for his family. He had been doing this for a while when on this particular day a local business man needed work on his car and approached the mason. The man told him he noticed what a hard worker he was and wanted to set up a meeting, with the intent of an offer for a job. They met during the week and toured the uniform cleaning plant that the business man owned. He wanted the mason to run the operation, said he knew of the mason’s background and thought his leadership qualities fit the bill. His duties would include overseeing fifty workers, ordering material and orders going out. It was a great offer with coverage and more money than he was making. A no brainer but for that moment during the tour, the mason looked down at his foot and there on his toe was a little ray of light. He looked to the tiny opening in the covering on the windows and that little beam of light. The man was talking and the mason was thinking that this would be the only sunlight he would see during the day. He stopped his thoughts and listened to the rest the man had to say. He told the businessman politely that he would have to think about it. The mason had this feeling that he shouldn’t take the job. How ridiculous that seemed.  He went home and told his wife of his probable decision and explained about that beam of light. She smiled and said, “Don’t take it. We will be all right.”

Now many years later looking at that beam of light in his palm he was giving glory to God for guiding him so many times when he didn’t even ask. His wife having come to know the Lord many years before him was a prayerful woman, thanks be to God. The mason was enjoying the warmth of the beam of light and reliving that moment in the plant. He now prays that God uses him as a beam of light helping to lead others to the best decision they could make, to seek Christ. . .


Ephesians 5:14

Therefore He says: “Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will give you light”


1Peter 2:9

“But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His  marvelous light.”


Isiah 60:3

And nations shall come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising.


Morning Light


As I walk along this quiet beach

Praying in worship and praise

I know there will be a sunrise in my heart

Because of You Lord all of my days


For out of the darkness You brought me

I am drenched in grace and light

You changed my heart, made it new

As day when it changes from night


So in this morning light I praise You

Magnificent Creator of all things

I rejoice in the newness of the day

With the salvation song, my heart with joy sings.



Psalm 119:105

Your word is a lamp to my feet

and a light to my path.





 11     The Trowel


“Thanks Grandpa!” the mason said as he was given his first trowel. His grandfather had used this trowel on hundreds of buildings and homes and now wanted to pass it along. It was a heartwarming moment and a prelude to another lesson later on in life. The mason went on to use the trowel many years after his grandfather passed, many times thinking of his grandfather as he laid brick. He recalled the instruction he was given on how to use the trowel, how it was an extension of his hand. To spread the mortar in one fluid motion, place a brick and with just the right angle of the trowel, clean off the excess mortar, flicking it back into the tub. The mason thought of his Grandfather’s right hand how it was shaped as if he was holding a trowel even when he wasn’t, then looked at his hand and smiled noticing that same shape. Now the lesson mentioned earlier, the mason leaving church after hearing a sermon on the bible for some reason was reflecting on his grandfather’s trowel. His pastor had pointed out how to read the bible. He had been reading the bible a few years and enjoying it but there was so much more to it. He would never show up on the job with all his other tools and leave his trowel home; nor should he pray, do services, participate in witnessing and leave out the bible. Like the trowel is useful in many ways, to spread the mortar, cut the mortar and a motion to flick it back into the tub, his bible should be used by committing to it, consuming it, considering it. The overwhelming importance of a trowel to a mason pales in comparison to the importance of the Word to everyone. The thoughts of the trowel bring fond memories of his grandfather who loved him, who wanted him to know the use of the trowel and prosper from it. The mason thanked his Grandfather many times for that and while he was reflecting on the sermon he promised himself to call his pastor to thank him for the comparable lesson.   The pastor who loved him enough to show him the use of the bible and how to prosper from it . . . He thought of all the things in his life that showed God’s influence and instruction even simple comparisons like the trowel.


John 1:1

“In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God.”


The mason thought of being used by God, to use also his words the way his grandfather used his trowel, with care to build and create something that would last. God had given the mason the ability to put into words what was in his heart, to use his hand like a paint brush and paint a beautiful picture glorifying God, proclaiming the gospel in what he wrote.


Paint With Words


I long to paint a picture with my words

Of who You are and what You’ve done

The magnificence of the Father

The glory of the Son


A new heart filled with Your Spirit

The forgiveness of my sin

Lord even to attempt to paint this picture

Where would I so unworthy begin


For the Gospel to be known

In all I write, say and do

In the words I use to paint

All would see a clear picture of You


So this prayer heartfelt and simple

I ask if this is for me what You planned

As I paint with love and pen

You receive all glory, as You guide my hand.





12    The Puzzle

The mason had been playing with his grandson. They were doing puzzles. It wasn’t too difficult for his grandson if it was a six piece puzzle, the pieces being large. After all, his grandson was only three. Of course because of his age that game didn’t last too long and it was on to something else. There was something going on in the mason’s mind and he tried his best to hold onto it for later to figure out what it was. Of-course as the day went on the thought faded.  It wasn’t till the next morning at the table with his wife that the thought returned.

They were reading the word and discussing afterward about being good examples to their children, grandchildren and everyone else they knew and came in contact with. The thought of the puzzle came back and he likened it to being transformed to the image of Christ. He reasoned that judging from when the transformation started his image of Christ was hundreds of tiny pieces and throughout the sanctification process as these tiny pieces are put into place, the image of Christ becoming more clear, others would begin to see the picture he longed to present. “We try on our own at times to add pieces,” he thought, remembering as a child trying to force pieces to fit and doing the same now by works, “But only the next piece determined by the creator fits.” Many times the mason prayed asking God for forgiveness for his impatience in his sanctification process. He even would get discouraged at times thinking of how far he had to go. Knowing God’s grace to be sufficient, he was caused to be encouraged in his discouragement. The mason knew that since that moment God changed his heart there had been many tiny pieces already put in place.



Looking Back


Lord forgive me

For the times I get down

When I am fearful

That I will sink and drown


In my joy I proclaim

I give all unto you

Then in my weakness

Rely on self in what I do


So here I am again

Being uplifted by Your hand

Just by looking back

I begin to understand


You my Sovereign Lord

Lord over all, not just some

Continue to remind me of the miracle

When I realize how far I have come.



Colossians 3:10

and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge after the image of its creator.




13    Spiritual Prowess


As he strolled through the supermarket lanes in thought of many things, the mason noticed a younger man almost staring at him. Not giving it too much thought until the man returned and stood right in front of him. “I never forget a face and I know you I’m sure.” The mason smiled and tried to help, “You look familiar too, and judging from the difference in age maybe you knew my children.” The mason named two of his older children and the other man said, “I knew it. I used to buy a soda across the street from the park and come to the field hoping it was your team’s night to play.” He went on to say, “You were one of the best players I ever saw with the best arm.” As the man’s wife neared, he blurted out, “Honey this guy was one of the best players I ever saw.” She kind of rolled her eyes being more concerned with her shopping than the mason’s athletic prowess. The mason thanked him and tried to make a gracious exit. While being a boost for his ego it was still a bit uncomfortable. He told his wife the story and his son later on. Later that evening sitting on his couch going over some memories of games played in that park, games played under lights in front of many neighborhood people his thoughts turned to the man in the supermarket and he was convicted for his pride and ego. He had made an impression on that man many years ago; he also thought how he played with passion, sometimes too much where his temper got involved. “Lord,” he thought, “Why didn’t I tell him how I have changed because of what You have done? I often pray for opportunities to share You with others, and I was given that opportunity and my pride and ego were stumbling blocks.” He prayed for help in the future to make an impression of being a Godly man, one who loves the Lord, to be that person, not to boast but to bring glory to God. He then imagined someone younger from the past coming up to him and saying, “I used to look forward to spending time having conversations with you about things of the Lord.” It put a smile on his heart. . .

Hearts Desire


Lord, I wake with such desire

To spread Your Holy Word

To share with those You put in my path

The greatest news they have ever heard


Yet not of my own

But with Your Holy Spirit I pray

From Your word hidden in my heart

I am given the words to say


May I not shrink back when the door opens

Enter in boldness and proclaim what You have done

That they too might know salvation

Through the sacrifice of Your Son



Acts 22:15

for you will be a witness for Him to everyone of what you have seen and heard.