April, 2017



Rising to a new day

Apprehension filters in

 To ease my fears and worries

I open Your word and enter in

I find direction and understanding

Wisdom to see me through

Some things a blessed reminder

To what I already knew

Oh my Lord, I give thanks

For all You have given me

For Your mercy, love and grace

That flows abundantly

In the hope that comes with Your promise

Comes joy that will never cease

And what came with my salvation

That certain inexpressible peace



– niz


Please fill me with that light

The one that shines through

Light of Your glory

That draws men unto You

May the difference be evident

In all I do and say

Proclaim with love

You are the light, truth and way

You have taken me from darkness

The light of salvation on my face

Unmerited favor for me granted

Only through Your mercy and grace.


– niz