Pillar and Cloud

Like the cloud and pillar of fire

 God gave long ago to show the way

His love the light at night

His grace, shade in the heat of day

Heart overflowing in praise

To my Lord and Savior above

Who knew me before birth

 Guides me with that same grace and love

Protected before I knew Him

Through His word now I see

My steps guided and chosen

 His Spirits direction was upon me.


– niz

I was beaten down trying to rise
Felt my strength slipping away
My desire to go on, ebbing
I couldn’t find my way
The valley was too deep
The road far too long
In my desire to do good
I could only do wrong
All things seemed impossible
For I was trying on my own
Then my burden and worry vanished
When I laid them before the Throne.


– niz

The Staff I Lean On

Yes indeed I am a sojourner

Eyes on the cross, just passing through

Following in the footsteps of my Savior

To God be the glory in everything I do

His Spirit shall sustain me

Provide the comfort that I seek

His generous love will nurture me

Provide refuge when I am weak

Yes indeed I am a sojourner

Though the road be winding and long

The Gospel be the staff I lean on

God’s grace will keep me strong.


– niz

Rise With The Son

Look to the horizon

Where the rising sun appears

Turn your thoughts to Jesus

Who casts away all fears

For He is the great redeemer

Who bore upon himself your sins

Turn your thoughts to Jesus

When each new day begins


– niz

 Tapestry Of Words

Weary of this sinful world

I seek for my heart what is best

The inspired word of scripture

Is where my soul finds rest

I take comfort in Your promises

The Gospel speaks out of what is so true

By Your sacrifice sweet Jesus

The only way to the Father is through You

 In this tapestry of words, I see the beauty

 Woven through this message from God above

My thirsty soul is quenched

 Drinking in this letter of love.


– niz