A Little Bit More

As the sun goes down

At the end of the day

I fall to my knees

I begin to pray

I thank my God

For all He has done

I thank Him for His Spirit

And the sacrifice of His Son

For my salvation

Making me a new man

Just the fact alone

He made me part of His plan

And as I close my eyes

I say Lord, when this night is through

  When I awake I have become

A little bit more like You.



1Peter 2:21  For to this you have been called,

because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example so that you might follow in his steps.


– niz

Nothing In Return

When I think of what amazing love

Giving Your life to save me

Punished, crucified, placed in a tomb

Just so I could be free


You arose in full glory

Sit at God’s right hand in heaven above

Praise you for my salvation, and Your example

To give glory to God in the way that I love


To follow God’s will for others in my life

Take God’s word and use what I learn

To give love the way that You did

Freely and expect nothing in return



– niz

Family And Friends

Lord I come to you in prayer

At the beginning of a new day

I ask You pour out Your blessings

Upon these for whom I pray

With Your love flows through me

A love that never ends

 I pray for friends who are my family

And family who are my friends.



– niz

Under the Blanket

Not yet morning as I awake

I love the sense You are there

With an urge to follow Your example

I enter into quiet peaceful prayer

I pray for family and dear friends

And those You placed before me on my way

My heart filled with joy and excitement

For I know You hear me as I pray

I pray for things that trouble me

In this world full of evil and sin

Yet I am not anxious, my Comforter

You open Your arms, I enter in

What peace through prayer I am given

Up the mountain high or valley deep

Under the blanket of blessed assurance

I joyfully fall back to sleep…


– niz

– niz