March, 2016


 Tapestry Of Words

Weary of this sinful world

I seek for my heart what is best

The inspired word of scripture

Is where my soul finds rest

I take comfort in Your promises

The Gospel speaks out of what is so true

By Your sacrifice sweet Jesus

The only way to the Father is through You

 In this tapestry of words, I see the beauty

 Woven through this message from God above

My thirsty soul is quenched

 Drinking in this letter of love.


– niz

– niz

Grace and Mercy

For so long a prisoner to sin

Bound as if wrapped in chain

Doomed if not for a Savior

Who took on my sins stain

Who gave his life so I could live

Once an enemy now Gods child

Awed by His grace and mercy

Called, forgiven, reconciled


– niz

Peaceful Sleep


As I tossed and turned

I thought about my day

I could not close my eyes and sleep

I felt I needed to pray

I saw passed opportunity

When I held back what I should say

I could not close my eyes and sleep

I knew I needed to pray

I didn’t call or reach out

To some who might have needed me today

I could not close my eyes to sleep

This is what I started to pray

Lord teach me obedience

May I seek Your will in all I do

May I search only Your word for direction

My every step follow You

Waking in the morning light

I had such a sense my Lord was there

Realizing the peace so overwhelming

 He  caused me to sleep in the midst of my prayer.




– niz