November, 2015


A Little Bit More

 As the sun goes down

At the end of the day

I fall to my knees

I begin to pray

I thank my God

For all He has done

I thank Him for His Spirit

The sacrifice of His Son

I thank Him for my salvation

Making me a new man

Just the fact alone

He made me part of His plan

And as I close my eyes I Pray

Lord when this night is through

I awake and have become

A little bit more like you.


– niz

– niz

I Sing To My Savior

I love to use this voice of mine

To sing of the wonders that I see

To tell in song of majestic mountains

And the mighty roaring sea

I sing of a beautiful snowfall

A gentle spring like rain

Or words that describe a forest

Or a majestic open plain

Yet my voice sings out loudest

When I turn my eyes to heaven above

For I sing to my Savior Jesus

And profess my eternal love…


– niz

Time Well Spent

Take the time, listen to the voice inside

Give that comforting smile

Spend that extra caring minute

Go the extra mile


Help with what might seem impossible

No matter how hard it may seem

Give up on what we long for

Fulfill an others dream


To those that may have fallen

Give the lift they will need

From your heart give that nourishment

It may be their heart we need to feed


Hard it may be, practicing what we preach

There will be times with no reason or rhyme

Have faith in He who made us

Do unto others, take the time


– niz

– niz