November, 2012


As I Lay Down To Rest


What joy fills my heart
When my thoughts are of You
As I lay down to rest
When the day is through
As I thank You with prayer
For Your presence through the day
For Your love and gentle care
How You provide in every way
This grace I do not deserve
And this love to which I cling
As I lay down to rest
What joy it does bring.

– niz

Whisper Your Name

Whisper Your Name
I kneel down in prayer
Whisper Your Name
Thank You for saving me
For You took all the blame
You Lord came down
Went to the cross died for my sins
Despite the sadness of death
The story only begins
For You were buried, was raised
In glorious victory
Now from eternal damnation
You have set me free
Tears of joy fill my heart
Since Your touch it has never been the same
I kneel down in prayer
Whisper Your Name.


– niz