September, 2011


Tend The Garden

(a sister’s version)

For if we were to plant a garden
Enjoy the beauty as it grows
The colors of a rainbow
The aroma of a rose
Yet not tend to the keeping
Allow the weeds to begin to grow
Our garden would be overrun
This lesson we need to know
For a seed was planted in our heart
Where the love of Christ lives within
And we must tend to the keeping
Or the weeds will filter in.
So we ask His Holy Spirit to tend this garden
Experience the joy as it continues to grow
Living water will allow it to flourish
That we may joyfully reap what He did sow.

– niz


On my knees in prayer,
I asked for wisdom to understand
Some slight insight,
to what He has planned
For the trouble,
me and my friends go through
I am truly concerned Lord,
I give it all to you
He answered, “Be still and listen,
My voice will be heard,
Whether I speak through someone,
or direct from My Word
In the times of the storm,
do not begin to look all around
Keep your eyes fixed on Me
and the answers will be found
In the time I spent living,
on earth, as a man
My time was spent in prayer,
asking the Fathers will, and His plan
When I see you in temptation or trouble,
I pray just for you
Do the same for your brother, pray,
that is what a true friend will do.”

– niz

Like You

Search my heart Lord, let me know what is right
Help me press on, and not give up the fight
Help me to learn, the things I must know
Show me the path, the way I should go

Search my heart Lord, take all I have to give
Help me follow Your example, in the way I should live
Teach me Your will, help me follow it through
Let others when they look at me, see only You.

– niz

Heart Filled Goal

With every step
I pray I walk Your way
My every word
What You need me to say
My eyes be the windows
To my very soul
That others see You in me
My heart filled, prayerful goal.

– niz

Beauty Before Me

Just a simple walk in the country
Nothing much on my mind
No questions for me to ask
Less answers I must find
Then that moment my eyes focus
My eyes and heart both see
Wonders there before my face
All the beauty that lay before me
So many things I take for granted
I ask forgiveness from my Lord
Self absorbed in my existence
My sin if they are ignored
For the clouds that pass in the sky
The birds that fly and sing
Majestic mountains, every blade of grass
White snow, the beauty of spring
I pray each day my heart remains focused
My eyes wide open to all there is to see
Glory, praise, and thank You on my lips
For all the beauty  that lay before me.

– niz