June, 2016


 To Sing A Song

To sing of how marvelous it feels

Sitting with Him on mountain high

Or the sense of His presence

In a beautiful morning sky

To sing a song filled with thanks and praise

That speaks of what I feel deep within

Of how my Savior shed His blood

Cleansed me of my sin

To sing of the perfect example

Of how Jesus walked the earth

Or the grace He had in store for me

Long before my birth

To sing this song to glorify His name

May the words ring loud and true

So that this deep love I have for Him

Is revealed in all I say and do…


– niz

  Pillar and Cloud

Like the cloud and pillar of fire

 God gave long ago to show the way

His love the light at night

His grace, shade in the heat of day

Heart overflowing in praise

To my Lord and Savior above

Who knew me before birth

 Guides me with that same grace and love

Protected before I knew Him

Through His word now I see

My steps guided and chosen

 His Spirits direction was upon me.


– niz