January, 2012


Climbed Together

I climbed the high mountain
Called out in fear and despair
I was told to seek Gods word
I would find the answers there
Scanning the pages, seeking promises
For I was told He is good and kind
Looking for a kind of secret word
That word I could not find
I prayed in earnest for His help
Then fromHis word He called to me
The reason He came to be crucified
Was to die and set me free
I climbed the high mountain
In thanks with love I began to pray
For realizing that through His sovereignty
He was with me, every step of the way.

– niz

As A Mighty Oak

As a mighty oak I grow, I pray
Living water is what will keep me alive
My roots planted firmly in the Word
On the light from the Son I will thrive
Arms stretched out and upward in praise
Like branches that reach toward heaven above
As a mighty oak I grow, I pray
Cared for by the Creator with love.


– niz

The Hope That Comes

May He who comforts, comfort you
May You be showered in grace that flows
May the joy increase daily and be evident
When others look at you, He in you is what shows
May you be blessed, to see others through His eyes
May your heart be filled with the love He gives
May You be blessed with many opportunities
To share the hope that comes in knowing that He lives.

– niz