November, 2011


No Matter How Deep

At times I might struggle
Feel so alone
I come before You
Kneel at Your throne
Encouraged in my discouragement
I begin to understand
My life constantly held
In the palm of Your hand
While mired in despair
With love You fill my cup
No matter how deep the valley
By Your grace I am lifted up.

– niz

No Longer Self

I ask You Lord to change me
More and more each new day
To become more and more like You
I ask every time I pray
To walk the straight narrow road
My heart consumed with the Fathers will
When a moment of doubt arises
Pray, listen and be still
Remove my self completely
Let me be an instrument of Your hand
I embrace this joyful journey
Following all that You have planned
For my joy comes from serving You
Following the example of Your Son
I pray not ever my will
Always the Fathers will be done.

– niz

No Longer Mine

The rain ended
The sun began to shine
It reminded me of salvation
The day it became mine
When my Lord reached for me
Called out my name
He said”your sin is forgiven;
I took all the blame”
I said I love You Jesus
This old self no longer mine
Then the rain ended
The sun began to shine.

– niz

No Greater Love

What greater love can I have?
Than to tell others of what my Lord can do
What greater love to bestow
To tell them of One who can make them new
Not to turn away when rejected
Mocked at or turned down
What greater love than to stand fast
Reach out when they are about to drown
Help them see the chains that hold them
How my Lord can set them free
That there is no greater love they can receive
Than from Him Who died for them and me.

– niz

No End

I give all praise and glory
In this prayer I say to You
I give you honor when my day begins
All my love the whole day through

The day over, in awe I remain
Worship praise and glory I send
With adoring love from my heart
In this prayer that has no end

– niz