October, 2011


In Everything

When this world in which my body lives
Attempts to take hold, drag me down
At times I take on the battle myself
Then in despair almost drown

Old habits are like deep valleys
Dark and lonely when trouble is in the way
Praise God, focus on the cross brings clarity
This I know when I begin to pray

For I have a risen Savior
Who took on all of sins stains
And in that peace only He can give
In everything the joy remains.

– niz

I will Do So

I close my eyes, open my heart
I call out with love to thee
Asking for nothing, for I deserve less
Worshiping You on bended knee
A humble thank You falls from my lips
I offer up glory and praise
Oh Lord it can never be enough
Yet I will do so all of my days.

– niz

I Start My Day

When I look toward the horizon
As I meditate on the Word I have read
With discernment, prayerfully ponder
My path that lay ahead

I ask You for guidance and wisdom
Only You know what is best
I humbly ask for Your grace
To face any trial or test

When I look toward the horizon
With joy I start my day
For I have a God who cares for me
And listens when I pray.

– niz

I Start Each Day

In the stillness of my waking hour
I praise You in my joy and peace
Finding comfort in the way You care
With a love that will not ever cease
A song plays out in my heart
One of worship and glory to You
I start each day with a prayer to be
Your reflection in everything that I do.

– niz

I Sing Out

I sing out praises to You Lord
From oh so deep within
I sing out to You with a pure heart
For You have cleansed me from my sin

I sing out praises to You Lord
With all that I can give
For I once was dead in transgression
Because of You, now I live!

– niz