Passed Angel

School dances had to be God’s idea for giving teenagers a chance to experience euphoria without getting into too much trouble. The school monitors, teachers who tried to act like the belonged, stuck out like sore thumbs. But getting back to paradise, dances were a chance to get close to Donna or Maria, which if I remember correctly was just about every girl’s name at the dances I went to. Wearing the most up to date styles they could afford everyone looked great, especially Donna or Maria.

We were just a little more fortunate. We, Snooky, Frankie, Louie and myself, got to sing at these dances, some great harmony to some tireless songs in what I would realize later on in life would be a sealed vacuum of memories. We would go on stage and at once in our minds be transformed to stars like the ones we listened to and imitated. Lights turned lower, acapella harmony would float out from our lips. The crowd was mesmerized by what was happening.
All eyes were upon us, especially Donna and Maria; this was in our minds remember.

In reality we were good, mostly Snooky had a voice like an angel. When he sang people took notice. It was good to ride on that momentary carpet of fame where we were stars. I will miss Snooky the most. At the age of twenty-two youth was wiped our by a syringe. I will miss Snooky the most.

Been so long since I’ve heard you sing
Angelic voice with that message you would bring
A soulful way with words, how only you could do
A church like hush, before their praise, when you were through

Such a sad waste of talent, vein filled fantasy, your choice
Escape from reality, ruined more than your voice

Now a haunting memory from my youth, my heart can’t ignore
The sad day they came and told me,  you would sing no more.

– niz

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