Doo Wop Heart

I mentioned school dances before, which were a thrill to sing at and be the focus of attention for that short while. Yet singing was something more than that. We would try to find anyplace that carried the echo. School stairways, subway stations, anywhere that carried your sound to a special, mystical place. It would emanate from your heart and soul, reach out, linger for awhile and return to touch your own heart. There was a common bond, trance like and it remained until you were done.

We entertained the thought of making it big, making records, being stars. Alas, not quite. Somehow though singing on a summer night, the park our stage, the lamppost our spotlight brought about an irreplaceable moment of friendship and closeness. It doesn’t get much better than that.

The crowd roared their approval the group was all the rage
As they all sang from their hearts on the high school stage
Rock and roll singers fresh from fame on the street
Together, voiced their emotions to the rock and roll beat

Harmony from their souls reached all those around
In the magic of the moment, the stage, holy ground
The crowd in the palm of their hands, right from the start
They sang love songs with a message, for each and every heart

Now with passing years, the aging voices changed
Different paths, once youthful lives, all rearranged
Their walks in different directions, yet their memories common ground
In each heart, they’re on stage again, singing the same harmonic sound

– niz

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